Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Words & Wonders (65)

Welcome to Words & Wonders, a weekly journal of writing updates, links I've found useful or interesting, and book recommendations. I hope W&W will prove to be useful to you writers out there as well as offering an insight into my writing progress for my readers. Don't forget to leave a comment with your own writing progress!

Oops, a bit late this week!

In the Writing Cave, this week:

- I'm still in the research trenches for The Lux Guardians and rereading The Wandering. I read 75% of the book this week! A whole lot of reading.

- I also prepped TLM, Books 1-3 for release (IT'S OUT NOW!!)

- And I've planned The Revelation. I'm so damn near having a complete book outline, but there's so much to take into account that it's taking FOREVER to plot and driving me mad. I can't wait until I start finally writing this thing.

In my life:

- It was my birthday last Tuesday, which was awesome, but not a whole lot else to report

On the internet, this week I found useful:

- Creating A Satisfying Character Arc

What have you written this week?


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