Sunday, 21 August 2016

COVER REVEAL: The Legend Mirror, Books 1-3

Hi guys! Remember how I told you about the bind-up of The Legend Mirror's first books? Today I'm revealing the cover! I personally love it and its mysterious glimpse of Callaire and Almery Wood. I hope you love it too. Here it is:

The Legend Mirror, Books 1-3 comes out August 30th!
It'll be available for pre-order from TOMORROW so check my twitter and facebook for links! 

Here's the blurb:

Welcome to Callaire, a town of shifters, magic, and secrets.

Yasmin is the daughter of a goddess and a mythical creature. As a Legendary, she has telepathic power and the ability to change forms every full moon. In her opinion, that's more curse than gift.

When a voice cries out to Yasmin in her head, and she’s drawn into dreams that aren’t her own, she's led to Fray - a girl who once saved Yasmin from hunters. In Fray’s dreams she has power no human should ever have. Legendary power.

When Fray’s magic catches the attention of a violent and invincible creature, both Yasmin’s mythical world and Fray’s human one will be changed forever. A Gods' war is brewing, and Yasmin and Fray are at the heart of it.

Reeling from the battle with Discordia – the incarnation of chaos, an invincible creature - Yasmin and her Legendary family search for answers. Who is Discordia? Why are they stealing power? And where have they taken the girl Yasmin loves? Yasmin will do anything to get Fray back, even if it means unleashing the violent beast beneath her human skin. 

Fray has been kidnapped and taken to an impossible place that is slowly changing her. Her captors are monsters with venom in their teeth and bloody hands, and they want to use Fray to win a war. But armed with a terrifying and empowering new ability, Fray will die before she becomes their pawn. 

Yasmin’s girlfriend is dead, but she will stop at nothing to bring Fray back. Even if that means going to the Otherland and making a bargain with the Ruler of All Souls. If Yasmin finds Pluto’s lost power, they’ll return Fray’s soul to her body. 

Yasmin’s search takes her, and two of her friends, from Bucharest to France to Wales, and exposes a horrifying secret with Venus, Yasmin’s mother, at the heart of it. With a murderous, fiery god and the incarnation of death in her way, Yasmin will have to compromise her morals and harness the Legendary power in her veins. If she fails, Fray’s soul will be lost forever. 


Book 1: The Beast of Callaire
Book 2: The Dryad of Callaire
Book 3: The Powers of Callaire
Book 4: Coming 2017!
Book 5: Coming soon!
Book 6: Coming soon!
Book 7: Coming soon!

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