Wednesday, 10 August 2016

The Powers of Callaire: 500 Words

Hi everyone! To celebrate the impending release of The Powers of Callaire, I'm releasing 500 words of the book per day. Come back to Words From Saruuh each day to read the first 2 chapters!

First 500:

A rope of Akasha lashes out and binds my arms and legs.

Fray falls to the ground as soon as the gateway spits us out. She hits the floor of Almery Wood with a terrifying thud. No cry. No reaction.

I twist my body, trying to free myself, snapping my teeth. I was calm while we walked from Almery to the Academy, all the way through our explanation of what we found in the Legend Mirror and what happened after. But now, held back from crossing the boundary of the Ward, unable to take a step without crashing to the ground—I’m seething. This is my decision. It’s my life to risk. Nobody can stop me.

Except, evidently, my brother.

Amity kneels beside me, her fingers on Fray’s neck. She looks at me with dismay. “Don’t say it,” I choke. “I don’t need to hear it.”

The ropes tighten. I scowl at the trees lining the courtyard as if they themselves are responsible for my restraints. My skin chafes and burns as I struggle against their hold, but even with the beast in me roaring and talons at the ends of my fingers, I can’t beat Guy’s Akasha—a combination of all four elements and the fifth element, Spirit, all merging into a unpredictable substance that’s massively powerful. After a while, I feel the Akasha straining, becoming the slightest bit heavier than the fire-mist substance it usually is. I think maybe Guy is losing his grip so I redouble my efforts. I overbalance. Unable to break my fall, I crash to the gravel floor of the courtyard, the impact vibrating up my left shoulder. The stones bite into my chin. Pain slices into my face, my arm. I bite my lip so hard the metal tang of blood fills my mouth but I refuse to make a single sound of pain, of surrender.

“Shit.” Guy crouches beside me and the Akasha around my arms fizzles away, releasing me far too late. His worried frown fills my vision, his eyebrows a contrite V.

“Shoulder,” I say through clenched teeth. “Heal.”

He passes his palm over my shoulder, close enough for the healing wind of Akasha to prick goose-bumps on my skin. Majick fixes the messed up thing that happened with my bones—I’m sure it was my bones, not that I can feel anything but screaming pain. Tears prick my eyes. I clench my teeth. Slowly, my brain realises the source of pain is fixed and the stabbing agony disappears.

For a long moment I lay on the ground, gulping pine-scented air, ignoring the torrent of apologies and swearing coming from my brother. This is, possibly, the worst thing that could have happened after telling my family that I planned to go to Pluto, ruler of the Otherland and all souls, and do whatever they told me in return for Fray’s life.

I stand, struggling to support Fray’s weight, and I cross the clearing until I reach a familiar, sprawling oak.

Come back tomorrow for the next 500 words of The Powers of Callaire!!

Yasmin’s girlfriend is dead, but she will stop at nothing to bring Fray back. Even if that means going to the Otherland and making a bargain with the Ruler of All Souls. If Yasmin finds Pluto’s lost power, they’ll return Fray’s soul to her body.

Yasmin’s search takes her, and two of her friends, from Bucharest to France to Wales, and exposes a horrifying secret with Venus, Yasmin’s mother, at the heart of it. With a murderous, fiery god and the incarnation of death in her way, Yasmin will have to compromise her morals and harness the Legendary power in her veins. If she fails, Fray’s soul will be lost forever.

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