Monday, 22 August 2016

Unsung Leading Ladies of YA

The Legend Mirror is all about female main characters. In the first 4 books (three of which are released right now) I have Yasmin, Fray, and Minnie as POV characters. I love my leading ladies, and how they’re all strong in different ways, so I wanted to recommend some other ladies who are awesome in their own way. It pretty much killed me to leave out Celaena, but I wanted to talk about some lesser-loved ladies.

Kami Glass

I couldn’t not include a Sarah Rees Brennan character. She’s amazing at writing complex girls that are as different as they are all epically awesome. I love Kami’s paricularly intrepid brand of badass. If there’s a secret, she’ll leave no stone unturned until she knows it and publishes it in her school newspaper.

Puck Connolly

She enters a race for murderous water horses on her regular, family horse, and she’s SO AWESOME. I love her so much. She goes to such lengths to support her family and herself, and be self sufficient, and she’s strong and emotional and all the things I love. I honestly want to be her.

Adelina Amouteru

She’s complex, she’s conflicted, she’s probably going to kill you. I love her so much, and it’s fascinating and chilling to read about the villain’s journey from innocent girl to murderer. I’m already in awe of Adelina and I can’t wait to see what she becomes in the third Young Elites book. Side note: I also want to mention June, of Legend – also by Marie Lu – in this post. June is another flawed, complicated women, and Marie Lu writes them so well.


I love how Natividad is both a soothing influence, a calm heart, and a passionate girl who will rebel for the things she believes in. In a world ruled by Black Dogs, she’s the one I really loved and admired for her bravery and her determination to protect her family and her place in the world.

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