Thursday, 18 August 2016


Since POWERS is newly out, I thought I'd give you a few reasons to continue The Legend Mirror series and pick up a copy, and spotlight some of my favourite moments in the book. So here are...

5 Reasons To Read The Powers of Callaire


Because you want to read about Vic, one of Yasmin’s best friends, going to the Otherland – literally hell – dressed in a green dinosaur onesie. Was I cruel to have him face to Ruler of All Souls in a onesie? Maybe. Would I do it again? Oh hell yes.


This book goes far beyond the other two in terms of Earth’s scope, and shows the Legendary world in a whole host of new locations.


Bonding of all kinds. Besties fighting and then making up? Check. Girls bonding through crazy dangerous situations? Check. Friendships of all shapes and sizes? Check, check, check. My books are always all about the friends. In this book I tried to show platonic friend love with the same detail and time as I’d spent on Yasmin’s romance.


Everyone loves a tragic love story, right? The love between Fray and Yasmin is fated and doomed and all the other good stuff that leads to tragedy.


This book doesn’t really have a cliffhanger! There are certainly elements, but after the end of DRYAD, this is pretty easy going. And it has a happy, hopeful ending! If The Dryad of Callaire frustrated you to no end (and honestly, I can’t blame you if you’re mad) then you need to read The Powers of Callaire ASAP.

More about POWERS:

Yasmin’s girlfriend is dead, but she will stop at nothing to bring Fray back. Even if that means going to the Otherland and making a bargain with the Ruler of All Souls. If Yasmin finds Pluto’s lost power, they’ll return Fray’s soul to her body.

Yasmin’s search takes her, and two of her friends, from Bucharest to France to Wales, and exposes a horrifying secret with Venus, Yasmin’s mother, at the heart of it. With a murderous, fiery god and the incarnation of death in her way, Yasmin will have to compromise her morals and harness the Legendary power in her veins. If she fails, Fray’s soul will be lost forever.

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  1. Point one is reason enough alone in my humble opinion.