Saturday, 2 July 2016

Words & Wonders (58)

Welcome to Words & Wonders, a weekly journal of writing updates, links I've found useful or interesting, and book recommendations. I hope W&W will prove to be useful to you writers out there as well as offering an insight into my writing progress for my readers. Don't forget to leave a comment with your own writing progress!

In the Writing Cave, this week:

- I've second drafted 112 pages of The Powers of Callaire. Making awesome progress with this. I'll be done soon!

- I got hit by inspiration and ended up writing this short story about a daughter of Venus (not Yasmin) and an Incar (who you haven't met yet) and they're probably my favourite couple of all time. This story is NA, not YA, so there's some sexy times. I have a plan for it but no release date yet. This week, I've written 15,508. I had a day where I wrote an entire 8K. The largest output of words IN MY LIFE.

- I also wrote a random 2K of a NA urban fantasy dragon story I'm probably never gonna finish. Fun times!

In my life:

- Not an awful lot to report.

On the internet, this week I found useful:

- Didn't keep track of what I read this week. Sorry guys!

A Book I've Loved Lately:

OH MY GOD, let me tell you about these books. They're perfect urban fantasy with incredible female leads, and shifters, incubi, and fae. Holy mother of hell, I love them so much. They're indie and the first book in the Black Dog series is only £0.99 on Kindle and you need to go get it RIGHT NOW. I'm starting the final book today and I can't cope. I love everyone in this series so much!

What have you written this week?

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