Sunday, 24 July 2016

If you like The Legend Mirror, try these books: Urban Fantasy edition.

If you like my YA UF series The Legend Mirror, you'll likely love these books! I've read and adored all of them, and I hope you do too. BONUS: They're all indie!!

DOG WITH A BONE, Hailey Edwards

There are not enough words in the world to explain how much I love this book, and Thierry, and Shaw. Their romance held me in this book but the world and the mystery is on point and I could not love anything in this book more. One of my all-time favourite series. Book 1 is $0.99 in Kindle!


I fell so hard in love with Aern and devoured the whole trilogy in a couple days. Action-filled, tense, and romantic. AND FREE on Kindle!


The main character has a dragon familiar. DRAGON. FAMILIAR. Gone are the days of black cats (not that I don't love black cats, but DRAGON!!) Also there's a super cute gargoyle guy and threats of demons, the MC is Asian American, her best friend is Mexican, and it's set in Las Vegas. All good stuff.

STONE-COLD FOX, Hailey Edwards

Yes, this is the second Hailey Edwards book in this list but her books are SO GOOD. And I couldn't leave our Mai Hayashi, awesome Kitsune (fox-shifter) and all around kickass lady. Plus, this book has a tonne of POC and geek culture and COSPLAY. Heck yes!

More about The Legend Mirror:

Welcome to Callaire, a town of shifters, magic, and secrets.

Yasmin is the daughter of a goddess and a mythical creature. As a Legendary, she has telepathic power and the ability to change forms every full moon. 


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