Tuesday, 14 June 2016

6 Queer Books & Why You Should Read Them!

In an effort to cultivate some actual content for this blog, I give you: A BUNCH OF QUEER BOOKS! These are ones I've read. My next post will be queer books I'm dying to read. It's Pride Month, and #ReadProud is going on, so it seems like the perfect time to waffle on about these books I love.

Lady main character who likes other ladies! Revenants! Super cool mystery & thriller, effortlessly woven with paranormal creatures that feel more magical realism. A damn terrifying villain-in-a-cave. Perfect!

As important as it is horrifying. The romance is hesitant and stumbling and sweet, as you'd expect it to be, and the characters are so genuine it seems impossible they're fictional. The story surrounding the romance is vital, and everyone, regardless of race, should read it, along with an #ownvoices book on the same era.

Super cute f/f romance in a setting inspired by Africa. This book has been written with a lot of love and passion and it shows in the writing. Plus it has unicorns and other mythical creatures, great family relationships, and deals with the ripples of sexual assault.

Another lady main character who likes ladies (I'm 80% sure she's bisexual but my memory is a sieve so I can't confirm.) Vampires and pyramids and a WHOLE LOT of adventure. It's what you would call a romp, and it's damn fun while also meaningful. It has a lot of heart, and family bonds, and is the most creative and thoughtful book I've read in ages.

Bisexual main character. Deals with religion and teen pregnancy. Powerful and memorable. Plus it's in verse, which is so my thing. Even though I was disappointed by the ending, I still love the book.

One of my favourite sci-fi books ever. Found family, diverse crew in ethnicity, sexuality, gender, and species. Just everything I've ever wanted in a space-based book.

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