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With The Wandering’s release date getting ever closer (SEPTEMBER!!) I’ve organised a campaign to raise money for printing and shipping costs so I can get these books out to you ASAP.

The Wandering is the second book in the free Lux Guardians series, sequel to The Forgotten which you can get a paperback of by joining the waiting list online or download from various online retailers. The Wandering picks up the gang’s story right where The Forgotten left it, with a dangerous trek across the country, new locations, new characters, and continuation of the revolution Honour accidentally started in the first book.

I’m yet again going to be offering paperback copies of this book for no charge, which you can get by joining this waiting list.

As you can probably guess, printing these books aint cheap. But you lovely people can help with costs by donating via Paypal, and you get some pretty cool rewards for doing so!! Here’s what you can get:

Donate one single pound for your name in the acknowledgements of The Wandering.

Donate £3 for a charm bracelet. Choose between team good (The Guardians) and team bad (The Olympiae)

Donate £8 for a bookmark. Choose again between Guardians and Olympiae (but choose wisely. You’re a member for life.)

Donate £10 and have a character named after you. Or call a character Clement McClemently. Have fun with it.

Donate £25 and get a Super Rare paperback of A Compilation of Side Stories. You can’t get this anywhere else folks. They’re extremely limited.

Donate £50 and get a paperback of The Wandering when it’s all finished and shiny, plus a handful of other book swag.

Donate more than that and get everything under the sun. Seriously. Everything. You want one of my kidneys? Son, you got it.

My goal for this campaign is £250, which seems reeeeeally high but will in fact only get 15 The Wanderings printed and sent out to my lovely readers. If I happen to reach that goal, and surpass it, you can expect some extra awesome rewards (maybe a fancy Forgotten London map with all the zones on it, who knows? maybe tote bags.) The more money I get, the more books I will get printed :)

So please PLEASE think about donating even a spare dollar. This book, and this series, is really important to me, and I would hate for it to be inaccessible to readers, because that’s the exact opposite of what I wanted for this series. I wanted The Lux Guardians to be for everyone, even people who were penniless and couldn’t afford to buy it. (I just happen to have, predictably and ironically, made myself quite penniless in the process of publishing it.)

If you don’t have even a single pound to spare (and man, do I understand that) please, pretty please, share this post on twitter, facebook, your own blog etc, so your followers can see it. If I see you spreading the word about the campaign with the #FundTheWandering hashtag, I'll send you some stickers as thanks. Promo this campaign extensively, and you might even find a bracelet in your mailbox.

I’ll update the little counter at the top of the campaign page everyday, so you can track how the funding is going. The campaign runs through august, so you have until August 31st to claim your rewards.

Thank you for reading this hugeass post. Have a great day!


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