Sunday, 28 February 2016

Words & Wonders (40)

Welcome to Words & Wonders, a weekly journal of writing updates, links I've found useful or interesting, and book recommendations. I hope W&W will prove to be useful to you writers out there as well as offering an insight into my writing progress for my readers. Don't forget to leave a comment with your own writing progress!

One of these weeks, I'll remember to post on time, I swear.

In the Writing Cave, this week:

- I continued adding the second draft changes to my PERSEYUA manuscript (because I 2nd on paper...) I've added 146 pages of edits, cut considerable sections (including a sweet rowboat that rowed itself. Alas, it had to go) and rearranged A LOT of the first 150 pages.

 - I revived a very old short WIP with 700 words. Hoping to work on this more in the next month. It's called THE CLONE BRIDE.

In my life:

- Another February sickness, this one worse than the first. Bleh.

-  I really like this colourful photo of my books:

On the internet, this week I found useful:

- This beautifully written and heart-wrenching post about the all-white state of fantasy. I cried, I raged at the injustice, and I felt stupidly lucky to have grown up with white privilege, to always have been included in books and been able to see myself in them.

- This epic post on skinny authors writing fat characters. Minnie, one of the POV characters in POWERS is fat and while I don't consider myself skinny, some would, so I thought I'd give the post a read, and found the blog thoroughly useful. The source section alone is worth reading it but if you're a writer (of ANY kind of character) please read the whole post!

- This post on ableism and disability by Kody Keplinger, which gave me a great deal to think about.

A Book I've Loved Lately:

Don't even get me started. 
Epic world. Unforgettable characters. Give me the next book immediately!!

What have you written this week?

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