Saturday, 11 July 2015

Words & Wonders (9)

Welcome to Words & Wonders, a weekly journal of writing updates, links I've found useful or interesting, and book recommendations. I hope W&W will prove to be useful to you writers out there as well as offering an insight into my writing progress for my readers. Don't forget to leave a comment with your own writing progress!

Sorry for the late update!! I was really busy yesterday but now I'VE FINISHED DRYAD!!!! :)

In the Writing Cave, this week I have:

- Written 804 words of my Hades/Persephone poetry WIP. I love it so much and can't wait to immerse myself in it fully. (When I've finished edits I'll be working on two WIPs!!)

- Crawled through The Hotel of Fresh Hell (aka line editing), and edited 68 pages. I am now officially finished with this!!!!!

- Written 2157 words of an extra DRYAD chapter

In my life:

- Line editing is literally draining me, energy-wise and mentally, and I can't wait to be done.

On the internet, this week I found useful:

- Planning Your Novel's Beginning
- Middle
- End

A book I have loved recently:

This book hurt me so much but I love it. A really original fantasy with awesome characters and A LEADING LADY VILLAIN.

Hope you're having a great weekend!!

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