Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Swag for all pre-orders!

If you didn't know, The Beast of Callaire is up for pre-order. In just over a month, it'll be out and people will be able to do crazy things, like read it. I'm very excited for its release and I hope you are too, but if you're not I'm here to change your mind with bookmarks and bribery!

Whenever you pre-order The Beast of Callaire, no matter whether physical or digital, I'll send you a swag pack of 2 signed postcards, 2 stickers, and 1 charm bookmark. They look like this:

Sorry for the terrible photo quality.

If you're wondering what the charms are, they're a moon, a tree, and an arrow - all three of which are very significant to the book.

You can preorder THE BEAST OF CALLAIRE here on my blog in paperback (signed, fancy, and personalised), or from Barnes & Noble for NOOK, or iBooks for Apple devices. You won't be able to pre-order from Amazon, much to my frustration, so sorry about that! But if you have a nook or an ipad/pod/phone (and let's face it, who doesn't?) you can get the book to read on there.

And: the ebook is only $3.48/£1.99!

All you need to do is send proof of purchase (a screencap or photo of your receipt, though without all your personal details and such) along with your mailing address to saruuhkelsey@hotmail.com and I'll send your swag out to you ASAP. But make sure you send proof of purchase before May 18th or it won't count as a pre-order!

This reward is open to all countries.

Go forth and pre-order! And if you share/promo this post/the book in any way, I'll send you a few extra stickers. Everyone needs extra stickers, right?


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