Wednesday, 12 March 2014


I'm a little delayed making this post because I've been extra busy this past week. But The Beast of Callaire is now available for physical pre-order! And not only do you get your book faster than people who don't pre-order, get it signed and personalised, and have the extra bonus of making me squeal with joy, but you get free swag. A fancy metal bookmark with beads and pretty charms, postcards, and stickers! 

This swag package is available for all who pre-order in both digital and paperback forms (and send proof of purchase) - digital pre-orders will go up in the next month on Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, and (with a slight delay) iBooks. I'm sure Sony Ebooks will also offer it for pre-order too, but I'd have to check that and I am quite lazy, plus nobody has yet downloaded any of my books through Sony, so I'm thinking it's a less popular vendor. 

But that's enough about pre-orders. Look at my shiny new proofs! Complete with grumpy teenage Nolan who did not want to participate in photo taking! Click to enlarge.

Ahh so pretty. So comfy to lay on!
Here's the form to request an ARC, if you're interested in reviewing.

Hope you're all having lovely Wednesdays.

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