Friday, 14 April 2017

5 Ways The Revelation Surprised Me

Or: A Book Called The Revelation Actually Gives Me, The Author, A Revelation (Or 5)


I thought I had the characters and their romantic wants figured out but some characters seriously surprised me and took over their own stories. Bennet and Miya, especially.


Speaking of characters writing their own stories ... the ending of The Revelation did NOT go the way I had it planned out. It was much less traumatic and sad in my plan but the characters drove it in a completely different direction. (So if you've read it, blame them, not me...)


I set out to write the book with a linear timeline, and unlike The Forgotten (and the next Lux Guardians book, tentatively titled The Riot!) with only one timeline. But I started exploring the backstory of certain characters and a whole flashback timeline expanded and needed to be written. I think the story is MUCH stronger for it, too, and sheds some light on the revelation the book was named for.


Horatia is a character I didn't know an awful lot about. I knew the essentials but I really dove into her thoughts and background with this book, and it surprised me how effortless it was to write her as opposed to some other characters (looking at you, Honour and Branwell) and how easy her story flowed. She's now one of the characters I understand the most, and I'm excited to explore more of her POV in the next book!


The Revelation was supposed to set everything up for the last book, but whoile writing this I realised there's way too much to be explored and resolved and set up still for The Union, which means The Lux Guardians will be FIVE BOOKS LONG. Five books finally feels like the right number of books for this series, and I have a very fixed idea of how it'll end (here's hoping the characters don't take over again.) I think part of the reason I struggled to write this book was because it was hard to figure out where I wanted it to end up, but I shouldn't have the same problem with the next books. I'm actually looking forward to expanding the world and going new places, meeting new characters, and throwing new dangers at the characters.


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The Revelation is the third book in the Lux Guardians series, a post-apocalyptic sci-fi thriller with a historical twist. If you like sinister plots, desperate survival stories, and world-changing revolutions, you’ll love this story of family, friendship, and rebellion!

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