Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Cover reveal: Under (redesign)

Under has a new cover!!!! I used to love the old one but it's been looking tired for a while, so I gave it a shiny new one and now it looks pretty darn cool with Mel front and center.

The Lux Guardians, tie-in novella
Out now for free!

One girl will discover unparalleled power in this tense novella of survival and self-discovery set in the world of The Lux Guardians series.

Carving out a bare existence in Underground London Zone, Melody Fylan is forced to be meek and obedient in order to avoid the Officials’ wrath—but she harbours dangerous secrets. Melody is allied with The Guardians, the covert rebellion working to free all of Forgotten London from its containment. But being a Guardian isn’t her only secret.

Melody is made of more than blood and bones—she holds pure power in her hands. Her ability is a secret the Officials are responsible for both creating and hiding, and they will go to extreme lengths to keep her under their control. But her power will not be leashed. And no matter what they do to her, Melody will endure.

(Under can be read as stand-alone)

Under is free!!
Grab a copy now! It can be read as a stand-alone, so don't worry about not having read the Lux Guardians novels! And for those who HAVE read them - especially The Wandering - this novella might answer some of your burning questions.

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