Tuesday, 23 September 2014

SEPTEMBER: Of wanderers and sequels

It's the 23rd of September and the sequel to The Forgotten is finally released!! You can get it free from Smashwords right now and from B&N and iBooks in a couple days. It's on amazon for $0.99 but if you report the lower price at B&N or Smashwords (please do this!) we should be up and running and $0.00 in a few days! If you've yet to read The Forgotten, you can find that for free in the same online retailers.

I don't have much to talk about this month, other than to say I'm gearing up for the release of Love In The Gilded Age (28/10) and very excited to finally behold The Wandering in print form. And as promised last month, here is a snippet of each of the main six in The Wandering. Some are from their POV, some are not. Enjoy.


I’ve always believed what the Officials told me. I never questioned them, not even once. I might have thought I did, but deep down I believed everything they said. 


Staring at a twisted chair, I think, I can’t tell Tia about what might have happened to her. She’s not a carrier—The Guardians know that much—but States could have done God knows what to her, made her into anything. 


I’d like to feel clarity now. Well, what I really want is to be curled up in the window seat in Bennet’s bedroom, her shoulder resting against mine, listening eagerly to whatever cheap paperback I’d picked up that week. But since that’s about as possible as growing wings and flying away from my loss, I’ll accept being in this box room with two girls who are fast becoming my friends. 


I have no choice but to remain here, and I won’t waste the rest of my life on moaning and melancholy. Not when this City has so much to offer me.


It’d be a lot easier if I could just let things lie, if I didn’t have to know the truth. But I’ve never been like that. I never could just go along with something without knowing the details and now that I have access to information about Great Britain and the rest of the world, I want to know it all.


I’m there again—on the train. Another version of myself stands at Yosiah’s side, her life falling apart when she sees the resolute expression on his face. I’m somewhere in the crowd, watching myself. I don’t want to watch. I know what will happen.

I have to stop it.

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