Saturday, 10 May 2014

May: Progress and procrastination

We're only 9 days into May but I am already behind schedule ... and AHEAD of another schedule. Yeah, you read that right. You're not going mad. Ahead. There are a lot of words getting put to page on a lot of different projects right now, and I thought, since I only tend to post unedited snippets of The Lux Guardians books, it'd be a welcome change to post some works in progress excepts from everything else.

These are all majorly unedited so forgive any typos.


“We can’t just keep sitting around. Fray’s out there! Numina knows what they’re doing to her. She could already be dead. I won’t stay here planning when she could be dying somewhere. I’m going to find her.”

“No you’re not,” Mavers says calmly. “You’re not going anywhere, and nobody is going with you. You won’t get far without help.”

“She’s got help.” The voice comes from behind me and at first I don’t recognise it. It’s cold and steely, strong and determined. Cornelia. Her wispy hair has been collected into a pale bun on top of her head. She stands with her hands on her hips and the sight of her is such a shock for a minute—I’d forgotten she was here, at the Academy—that I don’t process what she said. “I’ll go with you,” she says to me. “My sister is missing too, and I’m tired of waiting for something to happen.”

Mavers sighs behind me. I don’t turn back to him. “And what do you plan to do?”

Make it happen.”


I wake up in a small bedroom. There’s a floral pattern on the duvet and the curtains are thick lace. For a hazy second I think I’m in the spare room at my grandmother’s house but the woods and the strangers come back to me in a heavy second. I gasp, pushing myself up and scrabbling out of bed.

The old woman is stood in the doorway, watching me. I push my back against the wall, suddenly scared of what’s happened to me while I slept. They’re Numina—they have to be—they could have taken my Majick, or activated it, or anything.

“Are you a Numen?” I whisper.

The woman inclines her head. I try to get my breathing under control. Yasmin will come for me. It’ll be fine. Yasmin will come.


He laid his head in her lap, giving himself over entirely to her mercy. She could find a way, if she were inventive, to cut his throat right now. The buckle on his belt looked sharp enough, and failing that she could break his neck on the frame of her chair. He knew—he knew she could hurt him if she chose to, and still he submitted to her decision.

That, in the end, was what convinced Kerenne of his truthfulness. Slowly, her apprehension pounding a rhythm in the base of her throat, she lifted her hand and used her fingers to comb through the prince’s dark hair. It was as soft and thick as the luxurious gowns high Voivaren ladies wore to the rare balls her village held.

The prince flinched at her touch but the tension melted from his shoulders after a second. His breath stirred the plain shift dress over her knees, a long expelling of air that suggested relief.

“So,” Kerenne said after a while, curling a lock of his hair around her finger, “how do we kill the king?”


“I’m all alone.” She buried her face in her hands and Auriiel couldn’t bring herself to leave this stranger she had kissed and woken from a hundred year’s sleep.

“Not all alone,” she said quietly.

“No.” Rosany raised her head and smiled. It was a beautiful smile, one that lifted her face into an echo of happiness. If the queen were truly happy, Auriielle thought, she would be more radiant than even the most southern sun.

Auriielle felt the air between them thickening long before she realised what it was. The moment stretched between her and Rosany, thick and dense, ensnaring Aurielle in the deep deep desire to kiss Rosany again.

Rosany kissed her first.


Next time I make a post I should have an exciting announcement to make, if all goes well.  You might have noticed the new addition to the books on my website - it has something to do with that ;)

Have a good weekend, all

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